Meet Tony!


Are you in the market for a kind, affectionate, playful cat with a lot of love to give? Then look no further than our main man Tony! Tony is a sweet orange tabby who absolutely loves to be loved! On any given day you’ll find him in one of our front offices, lying across someone’s computer demanding attention. Also as much as he loves attention, he loves catnip even more! This quirky guy goes from “lazy fat cat” to “energized little kitten” as soon as he gets a whiff of catnip, and it’s quite adorable. He loves playing with toys, especially if there is a human playing with him! Tony gets along with most cats, and seems to love children. Dogs are more of a mystery to him, and he’s still trying to figure them out.

Tony is really an amazing cat with a stellar personality, but he is often over looked due to his FIV+ diagnosis. “FIV” stands for “feline immunodeficiency virus” just as “HIV” stands for “human immunodeficiency virus.” In fact, these two viruses are closely related, but cats cannot infect dogs or humans, and vice versa! While his diagnosis is unfortunate, it doesn’t mean he can’t lead a long happy life! It just means that he’ll need a family who will take care of him if he becomes sick, as well as a family that has lots of love to give!

Is your family the perfect fit? If so, please fill out our online adoption application or visit the Shelter.

For more information about Tony and our other adoptable pets, please click on the Adopt menu above where you will also be able to complete our online adoption application.

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