The Kittens Are Coming!

What does it really mean to foster?  To strengthen and nurture.

We rely on people to do this for us, for our children and within the community.  How bleak of a world would it be if we didn’t get the occasional pat on the back, hugs, and an honest question about how we’re doing?  These are the small things in life that make the setbacks bearable.

But not all have a voice, some need to borrow yours. And we, at the Humane Society of Kent County, need to ask you to give us a hand with the small, the scared, the weak and the tired.  Fostering a cat or a dog is a gift to that animal and to all of us.  Because of your care, and thoughtfulness, an animal will learn love, trust, kindness, and have a new faith in the future.  Some just need a soft place to regroup.  Some need to take medication in a quiet, calm environment.  The needs and reasons are endless, but our resources are not.

When you foster one of our pets we have your back!  You will get all food and veterinary care, practically a 24-hour hot line for any questions, a heck of a story to tell, and gratitude from all involved.  Our pets are all properly vetted before leaving the shelter. We will let you know well beforehand of any things to look for or issues they might have. Some just need a simple break from the stress of shelter life.

Fostering an animal is fun, frustrating, enlightening, and memorable.  You give, they take and then they give you so much back.  To be a part in the successful placement of a pet in a loving home is beyond gratifying.  There’s a richness in knowing that you made a difference.  And not only did you make a difference in this animal’s life, but also to the family who adopted them and who are then making memories of their own. They needed your help in order to do that. Fostering, to strengthen and nurture, and to know that you’ve done a remarkable thing.


Please send us your fostering questions!  We can also have former, or current, foster parents available for you to talk with.

Contact the shelter at 410-778-3648 or