Meet Shadow!


Russian Blue cats are an extremely rare find at any shelter; their gorgeous coat color and green eyes typically make them a top pick among adopters! So the fact that Shadow has been in our adoption room for almost 11 months now is very confusing for us. Shadow is a handsome nine year old man with a glossy grayish-blue coat that he shows off any chance he gets!

He’s an avid explorer, and loves to sniff out his new surroundings thoroughly; making sure all is well in his kingdom. He loves playing with wand toys and is very spry for his age, but he is not much of a cuddler, and does not like to be picked up. Do not let this deter you though, as Shadow shows his affection in different ways! Whether it’s a gentle head butt, or nudging his favorite toy near you, Shadow will make sure you know that your love and care is appreciated, and he will forever be grateful that you rescued him! Another great thing about Shadow is that his adoption fee is only $25! That’s a small price to pay for a lifetime of love!

For more information about Shadow and our other adoptable pets, please click on the Adopt menu above where you will also be able to complete our online adoption application. Or simply click here to go straight to the adoption application.

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