If his scars are any indication, this gray and white cat had quite the adventure before he found himself at ACSKC!

Residents in Kennedyville had seen this guy wandering around their neighborhood, and were concerned because he was looking worse for wear. They called our Animal Control Officers to request TNR. After several weeks of eluding the trap, he was finally caught. 

While we can’t be sure what caused the lesions, they left an impression on his face and legs. They clearly left an impression on us, too, as he was soon given the name Scar. 

While Scar has been recovering, he hasn’t done so quietly. He’s the kind of cat you can hold a conversation with! Our vet estimates this talkative guy to be around three years old, and while he seems to be out of the playing stage, he really enjoys sitting by the window! 

Scar needs slow introductions with other cats, but with time he should be able to co-exist with them in the home! He would do well with cat-savvy kids, too. Scar loves to have his head scratched and will come up to you for pets, but he isn’t a huge fan of getting picked up and can get over-stimulated! 

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