The ability to focus can be a valuable skill. To laser in on one objective and exert all one’s energy toward it is a formidable force of change. And while intense concentration is not a trait one may often think about in association to excitable dogs, Sam, a 5-year-old mixed breed up for adoption, proves that focus and rambunctiousness can coexist beautifully.

If Sam is even in the remote vicinity of a toy, she will find it. Tennis ball across the play yard? Bet on it. Rope toy in the corner of the room? Get ready for a game of tug-o-war that only stops when you do. It’s amazing to watch Sam zero in on a target. She will do almost anything to get her powerful jaws around it, including ignoring treats and leaping several feet into the air. Her compact, muscular body, the result of her probable, if diluted, pit bull heritage, allows her to charge across the play yard after her objective with the sound and speed of a racehorse. She especially loves fetch, and will retrieve the ball and wait for another toss, allowing those around her to admire her sleek coffee-bean coat, huge cocoa eyes, and patches of white on her chest and the tips of her back toes.

Sam was an owner surrender; a personality as bouncy as hers called for a different setting. Her ideal forever home would feature no other dogs and a family with older children, preferably ones who would indulge her endless love of tug-o-war. Alongside her spunk, Sam is a sharp girl, and would thrive in a situation that could accommodate both her mental and physical energy.

In this modern world that moves faster and faster, it can be difficult to live in the moment. A dog with intense focus can pull you right into the moment with her, whether it’s a moment of speed and excitement, elation and celebration, the toss of a tennis ball or the yank of a rope. Sam lives nowhere but the now, and cannot wait to chase a toy right into the present moment with her forever family by her side.

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