Despite having one of the roughest lives on can have at just eight months old, Petunia is one of the most loveable kittens we have ever met.

Early on, this black and white kitty developed a chronic upper respiratory infection that led to her becoming underweight. We could tell she was miserable, barely ever moving from her spot. It was difficult to see such a sweet kitten suffer even after multiple medications were tried.

Once the test results came back, we learned Petunia is FCV+. Feline calicivirus infection is a common respiratory disease in cats. The virus attacks the respiratory tract (nasal passages and lungs), the mouth (with ulceration of the tongue), the intestines, and the musculoskeletal system. Despite vaccination, many cats are carriers for the virus—that is, they have the virus but do not show any symptoms.

As there is no cure for FCV, Petunia will most likely have random upper respiratory infections throughout her life, requiring antibiotics as necessary. In spite of this obstacle, she can’t help but want to snuggle and be with you at all times. In the foster home during treatment, she was constantly in their lap whenever they sat down to watch TV. She’s an absolute master in the art of cuddling!

If you want the sweetest cat on the planet and are up to the task of helping her manage her FCV, Petunia will be happy to finally call a home hers! Simply submit your application today at Due to COVID-19 precautions, the Animal Care Shelter for Kent County is open by appointment only. Once your application is approved, we will set up an appointment with you!

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