You can help the animals in our shelter by collecting and donating items on our wish lists. You’ll find our general wish list below, and you can visits ACSKC’s Amazon Wish List here.

As long as they are in good condition, ACSKC will accept towels of any size or blankets (no comforters, please). Even sheets (as long as they aren’t fitted) or pillowcases without the pillows inside are wonderful donations that are always needed in the shelter.

Whether you collect toys and treats from coworkers and friends, or you fill a bag with linens from around your home, every single item on this list is needed now, and throughout the year, at the shelter.

Our staff will offer you an in-kind receipt for your donation, and when you complete the form, your giving back will give back to you too! You can write it off on your taxes!

Due to COVID-19, please drop off your donations Tuesday – Saturday at the Shelter in front of the garage from 11AM to 4PM.

Cat Food

We feed our cats Purina Cat & Kitten Chow, Friskies Pate, Fancy Feast Kitten

Dog Food

We feed our dogs 4health Dry Food (Chicken or Lamb), Pedigree Chopped Ground or Choice Cuts with Gravy

Treats & Pill Pockets

Milk-Bone, Temptations, & soft treats. Greenies Pill Pockets.

Durable Dog & Cat Toys

Kongs, treat puzzles

Cat Carriers

Revival Animal Health Cardboard Pet Carrier (12pk)

Cat Litter

Pine pellet stall bedding is a great litter substitute

Cleaning Supplies

Paper towels, sanitizing wipes, bleach & HE laundry detergent, 13 gallon bags

Gift Cards

We get our supplies from JBK Hardware, The Mill of Kingstown, Petco, Tractor Supply & Amazon

Our Complete List

Every item helps! Thanks you for your generosity