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Adorable Kittens

Change a Life – Sponsor a Kennel

Making a noticeable difference in the lives of the pets who stay with us is easier than you think. Be the positive change in an animal's life - sponsor an HSKC dog or cat kennel today, and see the difference that YOU can make.
2017 Mutt Strut Parade

2017 Mutt Strut & 5K Run/Walk

Photos of Mutt Strut & 5K Run/Walk 2017 are here! Click to view our gallery of highlights or head to Facebook to view all 7 albums featuring the 5K/5K Awards, Mutt Strut Parade, Festivities, Competitions/Comp Winners....
HSKC Magnetic Decal

Show Your HSKC Love!

Missed the Mutt Strut & 5K Run/Walk? No worries - we've got you covered with t-shirts, magnetic decals, and more! Stop by the Shelter to pick up your Mutt Strut/5K gear and other great HSKC merch today....
Brave Nyla

Guess Who Was A Hero?

HSKC adoptable dog Nyla to the rescue! Last week, when a veterinary hospital called in dire need of a blood donor for a sick pup who had lost over half his blood, it was Nyla who stepped up...