Miss Kitty

Miss Kitty

Meet Miss Kitty!


Meet Miss Kitty! This lovely two-year-old young lady is as curious and confident as they come, but she hasn’t always been this way. She was very scared when she first arrived at the Shelter last June as a stray about to give birth. The staff did everything in their power to make her as comfortable as possible as she welcomed her new babies into the world. Miss Kitty was a wonderful mother to her babies, which have all found forever homes. This left Miss Kitty all alone once again. Our staff and volunteers have worked diligently to help her come out of her shell and not feel so alone and the social butterfly in her has bloomed.

Miss Kitty is very beautiful with classic all black shiny fur and a little dash of white on her chest. She also has long whiskers that fan out around her cheeks and frame her beautiful face. She is very playful and will chat with you in several unique meows, trills, and purrs. She loves to spend her afternoons curled up on a window seat watching cars drive by.

Miss Kitty loves the attention of cats her own age or calm dogs that are happy to do their own thing and let her have her own space. She enjoys the company of children as well, but with her sassy purr-sonality she may do better in a home with older children. She could also be the purr-fect emotional support kitty for dorm living. As long as she has her own cat bed and plenty of fluffy cat toys she will be in kitty heaven.

Miss Kitty…sophisticated on the outside and giggly on the inside. What’s not to love about her!

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