Michelangelo was found outside of an art center in Downtown Chestertown, so the staff thought a name after a certain Renaissance artist was a good fit.

While he has yet to demonstrate a knack for painting, sculpting, or poetry, Michelangelo does have a talent for settling into your lap the moment you’ve sat down, and falling asleep so quickly and sweetly that you are morally obligated to do nothing but be in the moment with him.

It’s not so bad, though. This 1-year-old tuxedo cat has the softest fur, and the way he noses his way into the crevice of your arm while settling down to snooze is too adorable to disturb. If you’re looking for a cat that is all about affection, this cuddlebug is the one for you (We just recommend keeping a lint brush in the home at all times).

When Michelangelo isn’t perfecting his skills as a lap cat, he can be found on a window ledge watching the birds. He would do very well in a home with kids, other cats, and most likely dogs, too, with slow introductions.

Find your muse by heading to kenthumane.org to submit an application for Michelangelo! Due to COVID-19 precautions, the Animal Care Shelter for Kent County is open by appointment only. Once your application is approved, we will set up an appointment with you!

For more information about Michelangelo and our other adoptable pets, please click on the Adopt menu above where you will also be able to complete our online adoption application.

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