Meatloaf & Brindley

Meatloaf & Brindley

Meet Meatloaf and Brindley!


We’re all familiar with dynamic duos: Batman and Robin, Tom and Jerry, Scooby Doo and Shaggy. While still fantastic apart, they are even better together and that holds true for this week’s Pets of the Week, Meatloaf and Brindley!

Meatloaf is a one-year-old male brown tabby who loves to snuggle on the nearest lap while Brindley is a seven-month-old male tabby who will never say no to play time. They came to our shelter from two different backgrounds, but once they met they could not be separated! Whether it’s eating, playing, or sleeping, they are never more than five feet from each other. They even look alike too! Brindley is always looking up to his older “brother” and couldn’t imagine a home without him.

Would your home be the right fit for this perfect pair? As a special incentive for adopting them together, the adoption fee for the second cat will be waived.

For more information about Meatloaf and Brindley as well as our other adoptable pets, please click on the Adopt menu above where you will also be able to complete our online adoption application. Or simply click here to go straight to the adoption application.

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