2 Cats - Meadow & Ollie

Make Mine A Double!

Make Mine A Double!

Planning to adopt a kitten?  Great!  But here’s why TWO kittens are always better than one…

#1  Single Kitten, In Search of Playmate

Lonely, bored kittens need a playmate, especially if their human will be out for much of the day.  And kittens need stimulation to develop properly.  You wouldn’t want your kittens’ brain to weigh 25% less than it should, right?  (Because studies say that can happen!)

#2  Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better

Kittens are pretty smart, but when they put their little heads together and copy one another, they self-train even faster.  Litter box usage?  Check!  Grooming?  Double check!

#3  I’m Tiny, I’m New, & I’m Here to Drive Your Older Cat Crazy

Your more established feline will accept two new family members a lot faster than one.  Why?  Because two kittens will primarily turn to each other when it comes to playtime, teasing, and pestering, leaving their older “Aunt” or “Uncle” to relax in peace.

#4  Wake Up!  (It’s 2am.)

Your older cat isn’t the only member of the household who’d like to relax in peace.  A kitten who has a playmate with the spunk to match theirs will burn off energy faster, meaning that they (and you) will sleep better at night!

#5  Ohh…What’s This?!  (Was It Expensive?)

Two kittens won’t just burn off energy faster, but more appropriately.  Sometimes what we see as misbehavior is really just boredom, and potential mischief-makers can be nipped in the bud by allowing them to direct their curiosity and playfulness at each other.

#6  I’ll Have What She’s Having

Finicky feaster?  Not anymore!  Much like human kids, what you give one, the other inevitably ends up wanting…even if they had initially turned their nose up at it.  Curiosity is rewarded!

#7  Seeing Double

Double the kitten photo opportunities?  Um, yes please!  From sleepy kitten piles to kitten mealtime, your chances to snap the perfect awkward family photo are endless.  Instagram awaits!  #adorable

#8  BFF’s Fur-Ever

Like all siblings, kittens have their squabbles.  But it’s nothing a good nap can’t fix!  And having a life-long companion means that they’ll retain their youthful energy (and mental and physical health) well into their later years.

#9  “Double Your Pleasure, Double Your Fun”

One kitten?  Fun.  Two kittens?  Twice as much fun!  With only a single kitten, both you and your kitten will miss out on so much growth – and entertainment.  With two, the love and laughter just keeps on coming!

#10  Save Two Lives Instead of One

By adopting a shelter kitten, you are saving a life.  If you have the chance to adopt a pair – and save two lives in the process – it’s an opportunity worth taking.

Call or visit us at the HSKC Shelter today to begin your adoption journey!

A version of this article first appeared in The Humane Society of Kent County MD’s 2017 Fall Appeal mailer.
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