Lucas’ favorite time of day is when he gets to play. Each day, the cats at ACSKC receive enrichment. This allows them to stretch their legs, amuse themselves with toys, and maybe even get some catnip. Here’s a cat with energy! Lucas loves to give chase to the feather wand, and it is always entertaining to watch him pounce.

He wasn’t always so quick on his feet, though. The circumstances of how Lucas came to the Shelter were far more dire than what most cats experience. In April, Animal Control received a call regarding a cat that had limped through the Good Samaritan’s yard, and was now laying in a ditch, unmoving. When Animal Control arrived, they discovered that Lucas’ leg had been badly hurt. While it was unclear what had caused the injury, enough time had passed since the incident that his leg was now severely infected in multiple places.

There was no doubt that Lucas would die if the infection went untreated, so Animal Control took him into their care. Lucas underwent three skin grafting surgeries, and stayed with a loving foster parent for the 2-and-a-half months of his recovery.

Now, you would have no idea the kind of circumstances he went through! His leg has completely healed, and he looks all the better for it. Lucas sports a gray coat, accented by classic black tabby stripes. These dark hues allow for his spring grass-green eyes to really stand out.

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