An Interview with Miss Chancie Rose

An interview with Miss Chancie Rose, a current resident of The Humane Society of Kent County, Maryland.

I want to thank you for taking the time to speak with us today, Miss Rose.

Please, just call me Chancie, I’m far too young to be Miss Anyone.  And I’m happy to have you visit.



All right then, Chancie. How old are you and how long have you been living here, if you don’t mind my asking?

I’m just going on 4 years old this fall and I’ve been here for nearly 5 months.

Our readers would like to know how it is that a nice dog such as yourself has come to be a ward of the shelter.

Oh!  I’m a bit nervous now! I’ve never been interviewed before but that’s a story I’d love to tell!  My people, I named them Mom-Mom and Big D, got me as a young pup and we all lived together in a nice little house with a yard.  It was just perfect, I have to say. We had a television and I got sit on the couch for all the sport shows. Well, and for all the evening shows too. During the day I’d wait by the big window and keep an eye on things until they came home.  But times must have got tough because next thing I know they’re packing up all of the things and Mom-Mom is crying to beat the band.  It was awful!  They brought me over here and told me over and over that the people here would find me a good home because where they were going people couldn’t have a dog.  Can you imagine!  So here I am, waiting for that good home.  I sure do miss them.  Say, are you all right, Girl?

No, that’s awful and I’m so sorry…

Now hang on a minute.  The people here are very nice and I do have a bed and food.  JP, Terry, Eric and Mary and all the rest take me in the yard to play and the others come and take me for walks. Some of them carry on very nice conversations with me, too.  It’s not a home, but it’s not hell, that’s for sure.  You should hear some of the stories I hear in here.

And people do come to visit but I’m afraid I’m a bit shy around strangers and the time they have here is so short.  Some of these other dogs really know how to put on a show, I’ll tell you!  But I’m more of a wall flower, I guess.  Sometimes I could just kick myself for not being more outgoing.  Ha!  Here I am running my mouth with you because you’re so patient!

So what do you miss most about not having a home, Chancie?
(A long silence)

I guess it would be being loved.  You know, just having someone that’s happy to sit with me.

But the people here love you!  I know that because they told me so.

Well, yes.  But it’s not the same. At the end of the day they all have to go to their own homes.  I want to have my own person, because I do know that life is best when you get to share it like that…Just sitting together at the end of a day.