Izzy & Sweetie

Imagine living behind a couch for months, too wary to come out because of the creatures who came too close for comfort. That was the reality for Sweetie and Izzy, two eight-year-old cats who were intimidated by the dogs they shared a home with. Even with time, it was clear Izzy and Sweetie would never


On an unusually warm day in March, our Animal Control Officer picked up a stray black kitten in Worton. The kitten’s black fur was only coming up in patches throughout her body, one hind leg was injured, and she tested positive for Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV). We discovered an extreme reaction to fleas was the


While a cat of few words, Orion expresses himself very well. One look into those green eyes, and you’ll know whether he expects pets and praise, more food added to his bowl, or for you to turn on the tunes. We’ve gotten to know this gray and white short hair pretty well since he arrived


Who needs armor when you can have a good boy instead? Here to defend against all who would wish ill-will on your kingdom—we mean home—is Knight, our 59-pound pittie! One-year-old Knight is a friendly, wiggly boy. He is easily excited, and loves to run around to explore new places. We think he would do best