Educational Resources

Below you will find links to a myriad of educational articles gathered or written by Shelter staffers and volunteers in the hopes that sharing our knowledge will be helpful to others. The articles will open in PDF format that you can read online or print for reference. Subjects are arranged by like topic grouping.

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If you would like information on a subject not found here, or have questions not answered, please feel free to contact the shelter directly.

Adopting a New Dog:

Health and Nutrition:

Article: What is Heartworm
Article: Heartworm Disease Management


Traveling with your Dogs:

Living with Dogs and Nature:

Article: Co-existing with Coyotes

Children and Dogs:

Poster: How children should interact with dogs
Poster: How children should not interact with dogs

Dealing with Lost or Missing Pets:

Article: How to Find a Lost Pet


Article: 101 Things You Can Do

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