Meet Dolly!


Dolly is a three-year-old American Staffordshire Terrier mix with beautiful caramel eyes and tan fur! She came to the HSKC very pregnant and gave birth a few days after arriving. Dolly has since been spayed, so she will never have to birth another litter again and is now at a healthy weight. While she has been a loving and nurturing mother to her puppies, it is time for her to find a home of her own.

Sweet, gentle, and loving are just three of the wonderful qualities that Dolly possesses. Dolly is extremely affectionate and playful. She enjoys taking walks and plays ball in the yard like a champion. She is very well mannered and calm when volunteers come to visit her. Dolly is a great passenger in the car, too. She is the perfect dog for someone who wants a companion who is ready and excited about outdoor activities but also for settling down when it’s time to relax.

Dolly craves human attention and is very eager to please. She would make a wonderful family dog. Dolly would love to be in a home with children she could romp around with. Nothing makes her happier than being surrounded by people. She is extremely patient with kids, big and small, and loves lots of hugs and attention. Due to a lack of proper socialization, Dolly would do best as an only dog, but does not seem to mind cats.

Dolly is a sweet dog who is looking for someone to love and appreciate her distinctive personality. If you are considering rescuing a dog, please come meet Dolly at The Humane Society of Kent County today or call the HSKC at (410) 778-3648.

                             Written by Sarah Collins (Animal Care Technician)                           Photo by Madison Berlen Photography

For more info on Dolly and our other adoptable pets, visit our adoption website – and adoption applications can be filled out and submitted online to speed the adoption process!  The HSKC Shelter is open Mondays-Saturdays 11am-4pm.  Reach out to us at 410-778-3648 or email