Dobby: A Touching Fostering Story

Dobby:  A Touching Fostering Story

The small, white dog looked older, disoriented, and injured.  More than anything, he looked out of place, wandering alone down such a busy road.  Kent County Paramedic Raven Miller, headed home from work, knew she had to help.  She ended up saving a life.

When Raven first brought 13 year old Dobby in, the vets weren’t sure he would make it through the night.  He was thin and dirty, with no collar, and was having trouble breathing.  Raven stepped up, and she and her husband took Dobby home.  One night turned into 8 weeks of recovery in foster care, with medical support provided by the HSKC.  “For the first few days, he was extremely sluggish and not at all affectionate,” says Raven.  “I just wanted him to know that he would be loved.  I spent time with him in his little room in our house, just singing to him and gently petting him.”

Miraculously, Dobby’s health improved as time went on.  “At first wagging his tail was a milestone,” recalls Raven.  “Then it was walking up the stairs on his own, and within a month he was running around trying to keep up with our lab!”  Dobby’s spirit was also renewed – all thanks to the love, care, and attention provided by his foster family.

It’s not unusual for the HSKC to turn to fosters in special circumstances:  kittens who are too young or motherless, dogs who need time to heal, cats who require hospice, and animals who desperately need to experience home life again.  In fact, the HSKC couldn’t do all that we do without the help of our foster families.  Those who open their homes and hearts to help us care for the homeless animals of Kent County are part of the reason why we are able to adopt out so many happy and healthy animals!

Dobby, it turns out, is one of those happy, healthy animals.  He was recently adopted, and his new mom has experience adopting smaller, senior dogs who have lived through trauma.  “I was very emotion the day Dobby met his adopter,” says Raven, “but I immediately saw how happy he was!”  Dobby is quickly adapting to life with 3 doggy siblings, numerous cats, and even birds!  Most importantly, and just like Raven promised him, Dobby gets to spend the remainder of his life knowing that he is loved.

If you are interested in fostering with the HSKC, please visit our Foster website.

This article first appeared in The Humane Society of Kent County MD’s 2017 Fall Appeal mailer.
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