The Animal Care Shelter for Kent County has seen all kinds of dogs come through its door. Old and young, purebred and mutt, playful and independent — each is unique in their own way. But occasionally there comes along a dog who has something special. They have a look in their eye and a way in their walk, and you cannot shake the sense that they can see inside your soul. 

Dasher, this week’s Pet of the Week, is a diamond in the rough. Dasher is a two-year-old pit mix who arrived at the ACSKC with a magical wind at his heels. Everywhere he goes Dasher shines like a four-legged sun. His curiosity and excitement are balanced out by a sharp mind, and he has already mastered several commands, including sit, down, paw, and roll over. He sports a deep affection for both people and dogs, and in greeting him you are guaranteed a hug with dirty paws and happy kisses. 

Athletic and tireless, watching Dasher in the play yard is a sight to behold. Though his amber eyes and fearless stare call back to long-dead ancestors his sleek frame and tawny coat hearken more to big cats than wolves. Dasher is a free spirit. As he charges after the jolly ball or growls happily with a small tire in his jaws, you cannot help but recognize in him something joyful, wild, and free. 

For all his raw brilliance, Dasher is a young dog with a lot to learn. His ideal family will continue to shape his drive and enjoy his solar flares of energy. He would thrive solo or with a playful canine sibling, and though he loves all people, his large size and high energy call for children 14 or older. He will do best with a family that has experience in bully breeds, and would be a fantastic partner for running, hiking, or any adventure — if you are heading for the unknown, he wants in.

Dasher is a special dog. In the difficult world of rescue, it is rare that an animal appears with such an aura of depth and destiny. Dasher’s people will be privileged to call this golden boy theirs. He chases light into every dark corner and laughter into every sad time, and with each day he will draw his family after him as he leaps into the rising sun of his life. 

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