Just by looking at this happy girl, you wouldn’t know the condition she was in when she first came to ACSKC.

Crystal was surrendered due to a fight with another dog in the home. When Animal Control went to fetch her, she was severely injured. At only one year old, she had sustained lacerations throughout her body, including her legs, back and face. One leg was very swollen and she was limping.

Crystal required multiple staples in her leg, and one of her paws needed stitches. During a series of radiographs, the vet discovered a fracture in her left ankle. She had to wear a splint for a few weeks, but through it all, this girl was always wagging her tail!

Save for a few scars, you wouldn’t know Crystal had been so wounded. She is so lively, and always happy to see people. This girl loves to play and chase after tennis balls. As she recovers, we’ve been working with her on basic training. She’s gotten pretty good at sitting, especially if you have a treat!

While we don’t know what instigated the fight between Crystal and the other dog, we believe it would be in her best interest to be the only dog in the home. She would also do best in a home with children over twelve, as she is still prone to jumping.

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