Chestertown Animal Hospital Pays Weekly Visit

ACSKC relies so much on our community of vets. We’re thankful for all the ways they make sure our animals stay healthy, and can provide treatment when they aren’t feeling their best.

But because our animals must travel to the vet, the constant back-and-forth can place additional stress on them. That’s why we’re thrilled Dr. Scofield from Chestertown Animal Hospital is paying us a visit each week to administer routine checkups and medical care!

Whether they need a rabies vaccine, an alteration surgery, or just to have something looked at, Dr. Scofield provides necessary, discounted services to the hopeful pets-to-be at our shelter. Plus, our staff is learning a lot, too, with firsthand experience on medical intakes!

Learn more about the services Chestertown Animal Hospital can provide to your pet by visiting their website: