A Cat’s Private Diary

It’s March already and I can hear the wind howling outside. Thank goodness someone had the common sense to recognize that I was NOT an outdoor cat and that I needed saving! I can’t say that often enough.

This new place isn’t too bad. They seemed to have recognized my native intelligence and have put me in charge of their headquarters. It’s not easy work, but I do enjoy the challenge. One of the paparazzi was able to get a pic of me keeping the troops awake during a meeting. Ever vigilant is my motto.

As fun as it is though, I do yearn for the peace and quiet of a home of my own. Because I have to believe there are places less noisy than this one! And I would love to have a person of my own. With all these laps I have to choose from I feel a bit like Goldilocks, never able to settle in perfectly. Some pet me too hard, some too soft, and some want me to fetch things all the time. Ha!

I know in my heart that my new person is out there and making their way to our Shelter. Every day I imagine them a little bit closer and one day they will open the door.

In the meantime, though, I hear some strong language coming from around the copy machine. Better put an end to that!



  1. Cassie, If we didn’t have 3 old ladies (one that is needy, a sister with cancer and the other sister with thyroid and
    allergy issue, we would take you in. But would you like a dog as well who craves attention all the time!
    I hope you find a forever home soon, in the meantime keep up the great work there!

    March 30, 2017
    • Thank you!! Love, Cassie

      March 30, 2017