Looking for a fun way to tone your arms for the sleeveless months ahead? We have just the pup who can help! Mobi is our one-and-a-half-year-old Pit Bull Terrier. He has white fur with tan markings, including a cute little spot on his left ear. Not only is he a looker, he also has energy

Amelia & Cara

It was a busy day at ACSKC when Amelia, Cara, and 18 of their feline family members arrived at the shelter. The cats had been living outside, and were being fed by a member of the community. While unaltered and behind on their vaccinations, all of them were in good spirits and quickly showed to


For the past three weeks, the front office has been greeted by a pretty, multi-color cat wearing a sunflower collar around her neck. While the collar is more than just a fashion statement, it has made Snickers’ company all the brighter. Snickers was brought to ACSKC after a Good Samaritan saw she had been injured.

Sockie & The Barn Cats

If you have a barn, there is a cat who needs you— and chances are, you need them, too! Having a working cat on the farm helps keep the rodent population and other pests in check. Far too often are feed and other supplies compromised by the presence of hungry mice, and with mice comes


Who needs armor when you can have a good boy instead? Here to defend against all who would wish ill-will on your kingdom—we mean home—is Knight, our 59-pound pittie! One-year-old Knight is a friendly, wiggly boy. He is easily excited, and loves to run around to explore new places. We think he would do best


Pets come to ACSKC for many reasons: they can be lost and need someone to help reunite them with their family, they can be a transfer from one of our partner shelters, or their family simply may not have the means to care for them anymore. When Cardi’s owner passed, she and a black cat


Aubrey is like a morning spent puttering around the house in pajamas pants as you take your time with that first cup of coffee. During those long, lazy days, Aubrey is the perfect companion. It is easy to picture him padding up alongside you, offering his head for a scratch behind the ears, before laying