Green Bean

You would think, with her pretty orange fur, this cat might have a name like Butternut, Pumpkin, or even Carrot. But nope! This is Green Bean. And while she’s more like a sweet nectarine than any veggie, the name has stuck. Green Bean was taken to the shelter after her caretakers could no longer provide


When Rollo arrived at ACSKC, we were struck by how handsome he is! This one-year-old lab-rottie mix has bright tawny eyes, sleek fur, and looong legs. While initially shy in his new surroundings, Rollo has since become the type of dog who gives kisses with pleasure. He loves to run around the Big Yard, chasing


On an unusually warm day in March, our Animal Control Officer picked up a stray black kitten in Worton. The kitten’s black fur was only coming up in patches throughout her body, one hind leg was injured, and she tested positive for Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV). We discovered an extreme reaction to fleas was the


Bubbly, beautiful, and loyal to her humans, Champagne can be a little shy when meeting new people, but quickly shows she is an extremely loveable girl who wants nothing more than to spend time with her family. Champagne was part of an animal control seizure in which four adult dogs and a puppy were taken


Despite having one of the roughest lives on can have at just eight months old, Petunia is one of the most loveable kittens we have ever met. Early on, this black and white kitty developed a chronic upper respiratory infection that led to her becoming underweight. We could tell she was miserable, barely ever moving


While a cat of few words, Orion expresses himself very well. One look into those green eyes, and you’ll know whether he expects pets and praise, more food added to his bowl, or for you to turn on the tunes. We’ve gotten to know this gray and white short hair pretty well since he arrived


Who needs armor when you can have a good boy instead? Here to defend against all who would wish ill-will on your kingdom—we mean home—is Knight, our 59-pound pittie! One-year-old Knight is a friendly, wiggly boy. He is easily excited, and loves to run around to explore new places. We think he would do best