Meet Carter!


Are big handsome dogs kinda your thing? Well we would like to introduce you to Carter. Be prepared to be swept off your feet! Carter carries a majestic air about him so expansive, you can sense it before catching sight of him. He doesn’t need protein shakes and never skips a workout. This charming pup is all muscle and play, and he’s looking for an exercise buddy who can keep up with him.

This 3 year old Rottweiler mix is super sweet and always upbeat! He will put a smile on your face no matter what kind of day you are having. Playful as a puppy, his long legs will bounce around when given a reason to fetch a toy. Carter was brought to the Shelter after a concerned citizen found him roaming around her street one day. Carter isn’t keen on kennel life though. He needs daily exercise and yearns for long walks outside. He would do best in an active home where his adopter will take the time to do basic training with him. He is a very smart young dog and has the potential to learn so much more if someone is willing to work with him.

Carter is extremely motivated by treats and toys. He likes to reward himself with a good bone after a particularly tough workout. We would suggest older children who are a little more dog savvy because he is a very strong guy, and until he knows right from wrong he could definitely knock them down.

Don’t be fooled. Although this big meathead is all muscle, he has a soft side too. Carter greets others with a wagging tail and loves to give kisses. Once he gets his ya-yas out, he’s quite a charmer! At the Shelter, he has made friends with some dogs, but any potential canine siblings would need to meet him first to make sure his play style isn’t too rough for their liking.

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