Pets come to ACSKC for many reasons: they can be lost and need someone to help reunite them with their family, they can be a transfer from one of our partner shelters, or their family simply may not have the means to care for them anymore. When Cardi’s owner passed, she and a black cat named Jack were brought to us.

Upon arrival, it was apparent that Cardi needed some TLC. She had little fur on her back due to a bad case of fleas that led to a skin infection. We found out pretty quickly that this girl does not care for baths, or any kind of experience that involves water. Cardi wasn’t happy about her regular trips to the bathtub, but it had to be done in order to administer the medicated shampoo she desperately needed. Thankfully, Cardi’s fur has now grown in again, and she has the most beautiful brindle coat!

Cardi is a very friendly 2-year-old pittie. She becomes excited whenever we walk up to her kennel, doing a whole-body wiggle when she knows it’s time for walks and playtime. When she’s in the Big Yard, she runs around happily, and will chase anything you throw—balls, sticks, frisbees, and rope toys. We think she would do best in a home that has a yard, and would get along great with older kids who she can run around and tucker herself out with. 

Cardi showed signs of resource guarding with other dogs, but she doesn’t mind when they walk by her on the trails. We think she would be happiest if she could be a family’s one-and-only pet.

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