Rescued from a hoarding case, Buck arrived at ACSKC in rough shape. This two-year-old and the other two cats he came in with were covered in fleas, mites, and had a terrible case of worms. Their teeth were also in need of a deep clean. Out of the three, Buck’s teeth were best, with only a few back molars extracted.

Since his arrival three weeks ago, Buck has recovered nicely! His orange fur is looking brighter every day, and he has started to show off just how spunky he can be, especially when there’s a laser pointer to chase!

Buck is FIV+. Feline Immunodeficiency Virus is transmitted from cat to cat through deep bite wounds, the kind that usually occur outdoors during aggressive fights and territorial disputes. Casual, non-aggressive behavior does not spread FIV, and cats who are in households with stable social structures are at little risk for acquiring or spreading infection.

As Buck gets along well with other cats, he can live happily in a multi-cat household!

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