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Pets come to ACSKC for many reasons: they can be lost and need someone to help reunite them with their family, they can be a transfer from one of our partner shelters, or their family simply may not have the means to care for them anymore. When Cardi’s owner passed, she and a black cat

Max & Funf

The Shelter is incredibly fortunate to have a band of foster parents we can rely on whenever we reach capacity or take in an animal that requires around the clock care. Max and Funf are two very special kittens who fall into the latter camp, and are in urgent need of a forever home. This


It’s that time right after the holidays, when the festivities have come to an end, the decorations have been packed away, and everything feels a bit dimmer in the cold January light. While many of us are feeling low, here is a dog that’s holding out hope for an upswing. Sherbert arrived at ACSKC after


Ringing in the New Year should feel like opening the door to countless possibilities. But for some, it can feel like more of the same, or—in Echo’s case—returning right back to where he started. Seven years ago, Echo came to ACSKC as a tiny kitten. His stay with us was brief; as is sometimes the


If the qualifications for your next pet are “big,” “goofy,” and “might actually be a cow,” then we have just the one for you! Jax is a 3-year-old dog who is looking for someone he can love on. A bit shy at first, and curious of strangers, Jax warms up quickly to people. After first


Aubrey is like a morning spent puttering around the house in pajamas pants as you take your time with that first cup of coffee. During those long, lazy days, Aubrey is the perfect companion. It is easy to picture him padding up alongside you, offering his head for a scratch behind the ears, before laying