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As the weather commits to autumnal temperatures, we start to layer our clothes, swapping out flip flops and t-shirts in favor of suede boots and flannel. Beasley is already dressed for the season: white fur coats the underside of this brown tabby’s chin and throat, as if he’s wearing a turtleneck. Very sensible, we think,


As spooky season gets underway, allow us to introduce you to a cat that brings to mind all the thrills and trepidation this time of year has to offer.  For those familiar with the gothic novella from where he gets his name, Hyde meets expectations. Not in the sense that he has a string of


Aubrey is like a morning spent puttering around the house in pajamas pants as you take your time with that first cup of coffee. During those long, lazy days, Aubrey is the perfect companion. It is easy to picture him padding up alongside you, offering his head for a scratch behind the ears, before laying