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Cow-like in color and mannerism, this grass-chewing, low-energy and low to the ground dog does everything but say “moo.” Clarabelle is a sweet, docile ole girl who contents herself with strolls around the play yard. While not up for much play, she does gets bursts of energy from time to time. Once she gets off


Despite having one of the roughest lives on can have at just eight months old, Petunia is one of the most loveable kittens we have ever met. Early on, this black and white kitty developed a chronic upper respiratory infection that led to her becoming underweight. We could tell she was miserable, barely ever moving


Dani has always been on the move. This 3-year-old Border Collie-mix bounced around a bit before finding herself here at the shelter, as her previous homes seemingly had unrealistic expectations as to what an active, young dog would bring to their lives. We have found Dani to be pleasant, sweet, biddable, and a lovely companion


Meet the friendliest grumpy cat! Cloe may look surly, but she’s as nice as they come. She is very affectionate, and always pleased to receive pets. Once the purring starts, she begins to paw at the air. We call her the best biscuit maker in the business! At almost 10 years old, Cloe is looking


It feels good to stretch out your legs after a long journey, and Beauty did just that after disembarking off the rescue transport from Louisiana! Beauty is a 2-year-old Labrador-Rottweiler mix. She is a friendly, fun, goofy girl who loves everyone she meets! Beauty is confident and will readily explore any new place. She would


While a cat of few words, Orion expresses himself very well. One look into those green eyes, and you’ll know whether he expects pets and praise, more food added to his bowl, or for you to turn on the tunes. We’ve gotten to know this gray and white short hair pretty well since he arrived


While all of our animals are special, we consider Ivy to be one of our success stories. This 4-year-old pittie was surrendered after her owner had to move and couldn’t bring her to their new place. Ivy was absolutely terrified of the shelter and the staff. She would sit in her kennel and bark aggressively


Just by looking at this happy girl, you wouldn’t know the condition she was in when she first came to ACSKC. Crystal was surrendered due to a fight with another dog in the home. When Animal Control went to fetch her, she was severely injured. At only one year old, she had sustained lacerations throughout