Aubrey is like a morning spent puttering around the house in pajamas pants as you take your time with that first cup of coffee. During those long, lazy days, Aubrey is the perfect companion. It is easy to picture him padding up alongside you, offering his head for a scratch behind the ears, before laying at your feet.

A gentle and laid-back Terrier mix, Aubrey has eyes like warm, deeply steeped tea and a terracotta coat with a dusting of white that gives him a distinguished look. Affectionately called “The Old Man,” Aub is in fairly good health at 10 years old and does not require a lot of exercise. A short stroll a few times a day is all he needs. In fact, he’s a bit of a couch potato!

Aubrey is one of our long-timers, as he has been at the shelter since January 2020. When he arrived, he began treatment for heartworms, and has since been declared heartworm-free!

While he does not beg for attention, Aub is more than happy to receive pets, and will wait patiently while you get a treat from the cupboard for him. He offers the quiet company that can make any routine day feel comfortable and uncomplicated.

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  1. Thank you for helping Aubry become heartworm free! Although I’m in california i will share n network him in prayers of finding him a home.

    October 1, 2020