Meet Ashley!


Meet two-year-old Ashley! Ashley has a tender and sweet disposition with people, which makes her beautiful from the inside out. Ashley has been at The Humane Society of Kent County for 6 months now.  However, just one night spent in the shelter is traumatizing for a dog that once lived in a happy home.

Ashley has a “wiggle-butt”. She gets the wiggles every time she gets excited. She has the ability to be super playful when outside, yet super chill when inside. She is cool, calm, and clean when she is in her kennel. She loves her toys and loves a good power run in the big play yard. Ashley is always ready to go for a walk with staff members and volunteers.

Ashley does well going on walks with other dogs and does not seem to have much of an interest in cats…she could live happily in a home with either. She also adores children of any age. Ashley has recently become our new volunteer at the local adult day care center and loves all the attention she receives from her new friends. She desires to be the center of attention. She is housebroken, current on vaccinations, and spayed.

The sooner Ashley is adopted, the easier her transition back into a home will be. Dogs living in a shelter kennel tend to deteriorate quickly, despite the efforts of the staff and volunteers. If you are considering rescuing a dog, please come meet Ashley at The Humane Society of Kent County today!

Written by Sarah Collins (Animal Care Technician)

Photo by JP Hooker (Volunteer and Education Manager)

For more info on Ashley and our other adoptable pets, visit!  The HSKC Shelter is open Monday thru Saturday 11am-4pm.  Reach out to us at 410-778-3648 or email