Animals Need Angels Now: A New Shelter for Kent County

Caption: The “Future Home of the Animal Care Shelter for Kent County” is located on Mary Morris Road in Worton, Maryland. Board President, Prakash “Chikki” Shajwani (left) and Executive Director, Richard, Keaveney (right), hope to break ground by July 2021. They are accompanied by shelter dogs, Bones and Rosie. 

Angels, blessed not with wings, but with ample financial means and a love for the care and well-being of domestic animals are greatly needed before the long-anticipated Animal Care Shelter for Kent County can break ground.

Five beautiful acres in Worton, Maryland, await the construction of a safer, healthier and less stressful environment for animals in search of a forever home. Thoughtfully designed by leading shelter architects, ANIMAL ARTS, this new animal care center is planned for the 21st century, with more to offer for both animals and the community alike than what the shelter’s current 60-year-old facility can support.

As Kennel Technician Sarah Usilton prepares dinner for the shelter dogs, Adoption Coordinator, Hailey Wallace, gets a headstart on the dishes. The new shelter would provide a dishwasher to ensure proper sanitization of food bowls, as well as optimized space for better organization. 

The new shelter is designed with emotional and mental health in mind. Two seperate entrances distinguish those looking to adopt and those who must surrender a beloved pet to the shelter’s care. Taking the place of metal cages, cats will reside within spacious three-room condos, allowing for much-needed separation between sleeping, eating, and taking care of business. Open playrooms and outdoor patios will be available for friskier felines. There will be ample space to carefully isolate kittens from possible illness.

Dog lovers will revel in seeing the typical “jailhouse” style kennels replaced with four doggy dorms attached to extra-wide runs that lead into individual play yards. Two large yards will enable daily enrichment and exercise programs. A meandering path accented with trees and memorial sculpture gardens will service the multiple walks that shelter dogs enjoy throughout the day.

With the new shelter will come the addition of a medical center, creating space for Kent County’s community of dedicated veterinarians to care for animals in-house for routine medical attention. This will reduce the stress put upon animals while providing a more cost-effective and time-efficient solution for staff. A sophisticated 10-zone, temperature-controlled fresh air system will ensure the health of the animals by ceasing the transmission of preventable diseases that the current shelter must combat regularly.

Medical Coordinator, Kaylene Clark, weighs 13-week-old Moira for her routine medical intake. ACSKC’s current exam room just barely fits a folding table, which is insupportable for mid-to-large size dogs.

This full-fledged facility will serve generations of Kent County residents. Fostering the passion and education of the young and young-at-heart will be another goal realized for The Animal Care Shelter for Kent County. Basic and advanced training programs and summer camps are just a couple of aspirations that will be achieved with the newly-available space.

While a dozen dedicated citizens have gifted or pledged most of the necessary funds—including a million-dollar endowment to cover operating expenses—private fundraising efforts have faltered in the wake of COVID-19. As a result, ACSKC needs at least another $1,000,000 of support before they can sign with KRM Construction and other local businesses to begin construction.

Time for dog walks! Kennel Technician, Lizzy Dixon, takes shelter dog, Knight, out for his third walk of the day. The new shelter will replace the “jailhouse” style kennels with a safer, cleaner, design, including plexiglass doors and soundproof walls that will create a more relaxing environment for pups and people alike. 

“Unleashing the Possibilities: A Campaign of Love for the Animals of Kent County” is offering life-long Honor and Memorial Opportunities for pledges of between $15,000 and $250,000, to be paid over one to four years. Bricks, benches, cat condos and dog kennels are available for in-memory-of or honor-of gifts between $500 and $5,000.

The animals of Kent County desperately need this new facility. Those who wish to be an angel for these deserving, hopeful pets-to-be can donate at or contact Executive Director, Richard Keaveney for more information at


  1. Thank you for all of the wonderful work that everyone does for pets (future human companions)!

    March 9, 2021