Animal Control Services

Kent County’s Animal Control conducts investigations regarding animal cruelty and public safety concerns pertaining to domesticated animals, responds to calls regarding injured and stray animals, strives to reunite lost pets with their owners, operates our TNR program, and works directly with the Animal Care Shelter to provide temporary housing for animals for a variety of reasons including, but not limited to, the adoption of animals.

Animal Control responds to animal emergencies and can be reached via 911.
For animal-related non-emergencies, Animal Control may be reached Monday-Friday, 8am-4pm via 410-708-5006 or

Please note: Animal Control only handles domesticated animals, such as dogs, cats, and livestock. If you have a concern about wildlife, you can contact the Dept. of Natural Resources at 877-463-6497 or a Pest Control/Wildlife Management Service like Critter Gitter (410-708-1228) or Chestertown Wildlife Control (410-778-3315).


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