After You Adopt

Bringing home a new pet is a fun and exciting experience! And while you should absolutely spend lots of time playing and snuggling with them, there are a few other things to do that will help your pet acclimate to their new home and adjust to their role as your family’s newest companion. 


Your pet won’t get used to their new surrounding in a day. It can take a few weeks before your pet begins to feel at home. In some cases, they may find a place to hide. Let them come out at their own pace.


Introduce a feeding schedule and show them the bathroom. If you are away from home for multiple hours at a time, get them used to your absence—especially if your pet has separation anxiety.


Make sure you have everything you need to keep your pet fed, healthy, and comfortable. Check the Pet Pal Packet in your adoption folder for a list of essential items.


Your pet should visit the vet after the first two weeks of their adoption for a routine checkup. Check the Pet Pal Packet in your adoption folder for a list of our local veterinarians. Some offer discounts to ACSKC alum on their first visit!


Your pet has a microchip registered to 24PetWatch (unless they were microchipped prior their arrival to ACSKC). Call 866-597-2424 to register your pet or report if they go missing.

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We do all we can to give the animals at ACSKC the affection and enrichment they deserve, but now it’s up to you to really make them feel like part of a family!

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