If the qualifications for your next pet are “big,” “goofy,” and “might actually be a cow,” then we have just the one for you! Jax is a 3-year-old dog who is looking for someone he can love on.

A bit shy at first, and curious of strangers, Jax warms up quickly to people. After first introductions, it doesn’t take long for him to lean against you, hoping for a back scratch. And if he catches you sitting down, you best hope you have legs of steel—this big boy does not seem to understand just how large he is, as he will assume the role of a lap dog.

Jax is a mixed bag when it comes to his breed. While he is officially listed at a pittie, his head looks more like a lab’s, and the curve of his tail is reminiscent of an akita’s. Jax has white fur with black spots, and his habit of eating grass all the time really completes the picture of his resemblance to a cow.

Jax is a moderate-energy pooch, as he likes to frolic three times around the Big Yard before laying on his tummy, all four legs sprawled out. If you have a rope toy, he can be tempted to have a bit more fun, and he will chase you all day if you have treats.

Jax does have a history of resource guarding his food, and while he has not shown signs of aggression toward any of our staff, we would recommend that he go to a home without young children or other pets. Jax would really thrive with someone who can give him the attention he craves and would be game to spend time training him on some basic obedience skills.

Are you udderly in love with Jax already? Then head to kenthumane.org to submit your application! Due to COVID-19 precautions, the Animal Care Shelter for Kent County is open by appointment only. Once your application is approved, we will set up an appointment with you!

For more information about Jax and our other adoptable pets, please click on the Adopt menu above where you will also be able to complete our online adoption application.

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