Radja and Nova

Radja and Nova

Meet Radja and Nova!

Some things in life are better together. Two is definitely always better than one and nothing is better than two cats! Cats can form very tight feline friendships, and a bonded pair can be difficult to separate. Bonded cats that have been together for many years may suffer depression or behavioral issues when separated. People often think cats enjoy solitude, but they enjoy being part of a pride and can develop very deep friendships with other feline companions.

Meet Radja & Nova, quite the dynamic duo! They were surrendered to the Humane Society of Kent County when their original owners could no longer take care of them.  These three-year-old cats quickly won the hearts of staff members and volunteers with their loving personalities. Radja and Nova are two cats with one heart. They do everything together. They eat together, sleep together, cuddle together, and play together. Moreover, they become extremely anxious when separated. We at the HSKC are trying our hardest to get Radja and Nova adopted together.

Like any good couple, Radja and Nova balance each other out. Nova is a very beautiful calico female with super soft fur and a loving disposition. Nova is more confident and friendlier at first. Radja, on the other hand, is more reserved and takes longer to warm up to people, but is just as loving and friendly once he feels comfortable. Both cats are laid back and get along well with other animals.

Bonded pairs bring twice the love into your home ♥

Written by Sarah Collins (Animal Care Technician)
Photo by JP Hooker (Volunteer & Education Manager)

For more info on Radja, Nova and our other adoptable pets, visit our adoption website – and adoption applications can be filled out and submitted online to speed the adoption process!  The HSKC Shelter is open Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays-Saturdays 11am-4pm.  Reach out to us at 410-778-3648 or email info@kenthumane.org

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