Meet Nutmeg!

     Everyone knows that nutmeg is a spice.  But not everyone may know that there is a “spicy” little dog named Nutmeg up for adoption at The Humane Society of Kent County!

3 year old Nutmeg may look like a beautiful black, brown, and white beagle, but she is a lab at heart!  She loves to run “zoomies” in the play yard and she’ll even fetch a ball for you.  She is housebroken and has come a long way with her leash manners.  Nutmeg has lived with other dogs and cats in the past, but would prefer to be your only “child” in the house – she’s not great with kids/small children within an at-home setting.

Being around people makes Nutmeg come alive!  She has been tolerating kennel life for a while now, but it is getting depressing.  The staff tries to keep her happy with play dates and Kongs at nap time, but what she is really wanting is to go home!

If you are interested in a smaller breed dog, Nutmeg could definitely spice up your life – come visit her today at The Humane Society of Kent County!

The HSKC Shelter is open Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays through Saturdays 11am to 4pm, and adoption applications can be filled out online ahead of time at to speed the process. 


  1. I’m very interested in adopting her! Should I fill out the application online or just come in to the shelter. I’m away right now but would be able to come in next Saturday.

    August 24, 2017
    • Hi Vicki! Definitely no need to wait. You can come on in OR fill out an online application – as completely as possible – ASAP. One thing that we’ve recently learned about Nutmeg that we’re in need of updating on her profile is that she is not as kid-friendly in a home situation as she can be generally out and about. So please let us know all about who’s already at home (both people and pets), so our Adoption Services Staff can help! We also have several other pups like Nutmeg right now, too! Thank you! -Kate, HSKC

      August 24, 2017

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