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Cat in Grocery Bag

Save Those Redner’s Receipts!

The cat's out of the bag: If you shop at Redner's Markets and use their gas card prior to paying, save those receipts! The HSKC receives 1% of every valid Redner's receipt, and those kibbles and bits add up....
Volunteer Dr. Bill & Leo

Thinking about Volunteering?

If you love animals, making new friends, and have a couple of hours each week to spend sharing your love and talents with our adoptable animals and our community, then we've got a volunteer position for you!

Spring 2017 Appeal Reminder

As the HSKC's fiscal year rolls to a close, we're looking back at our Spring 2017 Appeal. If you have yet to answer our call to help support the homeless animals of Kent County, now's the perfect time!
Adorable Kittens

Change a Life – Sponsor a Kennel

Making a noticeable difference in the lives of the pets who stay with us is easier than you think. Be the positive change in an animal's life - sponsor an HSKC dog or cat kennel today, and see the difference that YOU can make.