Meet Medusa!

This very sweet, lovely 2-year-old black cat is currently available for adoption at The Humane Society of Kent County.  Medusa has spent the past couple of months as an office cat, an experience that has transformed her from shy kitty to social butterfly!  She loves her new job greeting visitors in the HSKC lobby.  And it’s a fitting job for her, because Medusa is friendly, super affectionate, and always laying it on thick!

Sadly, black cats are among the least likely cats to be adopted from shelters.  Can you believe it?  We can’t either – it makes no sense!  In most countries, black cats are actually considered symbols of good luck!  In fact, in Scotland, a strange black cat arriving at your home means you may win the jackpot.  And it’s not all folktales; science backs it up too!  Recent studies have also shown that the gene that causes black fur may help make these felines resistant to disease.

Plus, black goes with everything.  Black cats won’t clash with your other kitties, your furniture, or your outfit!  Some of our very favorite HSKC kitties, including Medusa here, are dressed to impress in their all-black this October.  Please come make a difference, save a life, and hit the jackpot by adopting Medusa!

–       Julie Neukam, HSKC Animal Care Supervisor / Photo Credit: Sarah Collins, HSKC Intern

For more info on Medusa and our other adoptable pets, visit!  The HSKC Shelter is open Monday,Tuesday, & Thursday-Saturday 11am-4pm.  Reach out to us at 410-778-3648 or email

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