Meet Krimson!

     Krimson is not only adorable, but also absolutely crying for attention.  When this 2 year old red nose pit bull/terrier mix came in the door, he was a hot mess.  He had some pretty nasty wounds of unknown origin on his back.  For animals in pain, the HSKC Staff can never quite be sure how an animal might react – but it didn’t take long to see that Krimson was going to be a good patient!  Although he didn’t like it, he let Staff clean his wounds and apply medication daily.  He would hesitate at first, but then would always give in and accept the treatment like a champ!

Krimson is now physically all better, but mentally he is struggling with kennel life.  To say that he’s ‘crying for attention’ isn’t just a figure of speech when it comes to young Krimson.  He literally cries in his kennel for someone to take him out or to come spend time with him.  He’s been adorned with a lovely “calming collar,” and is given medication daily to help him cope with being caged.  When outside the walls and the stress of the shelter, Krimson is loving, sweet, and funny.  He loves to have his ears played with and is always keen to get a belly rub!

Sweet and sorrowful Krimson would do best as an only pet.  He needs that one-on-one love, support, and – yes – some training when he first heads home.  He is the type of dog that may take a little bit of work and patience, but who gives you an amazing return.  “THE ONES WE RESCUE, RESCUE US.”  Please come meet Krimson today.

-Julie Neukam, Animal Care Supervisor/Photo: Sarah Collins, Intern

For more info on Krimson and our other adoptable pets, visit our adoption website – and adoption applications can be filled out and submitted online to speed the adoption process!  The HSKC Shelter is open Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays-Saturdays 11am-4pm.  Reach out to us at 410-778-3648 or email