Meet Kacey!

‘Quiet’ and ‘unassuming’ are two words that probably best describe gorgeous little Kasey. Some other phrases that come to mind are ‘sweet as honey,’ ‘cute as a button,’ and ‘as loving as the day is long’!  When this 2yr old grey tabby was brought into the HSKC in February, she was ready to pop!  And POP she did, a few days later! She gave birth to six healthy, adorable babies. A staff member took the little family home and gave them a quiet, calm environment in which to nurse and nurture. Eight weeks later, the kittens were adopted and are now living in happy homes! But alas, Kacey is still waiting for her happily ever after.

Left-behind mama’s have a special spot in the hearts’ of our staff members. We see it all too often – cats coming in towards the end of their pregnancy or already with babies. They do their duty, no matter how stressed or scared they are. And then their babies leave them after eight weeks, so that they can have amazing futures. These female cats are so resilient – they still manage, under the toughest of circumstances, to bring joy to our lives!

Kacey is currently living in a free-roaming group of cats in our adoption room. The requirements for a cat to live cage-free are that they must be both extremely well-mannered around their peers and super friendly with the many different types of visitors to the shelter. They also have to keep a clean living space, and always use their litterbox. Kacey meets all these requirements and more – she is a prime example of an easy-to-care-for feline!

How can you resist helping a cat like Kacey? She would be the purr-fect cat to rescue today!


The HSKC Shelter is open Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays through Saturdays 11am to 4pm, and adoption applications can be filled out online ahead of time at www.kenthumane.org to speed the process. 

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