3-year-old Duke got fired from his old gig, so to speak. This eager little Lab/Border Collie mix was living on a farm and could not stop himself from herding the sheep…a lot! And not only that, he was teaching the other dogs on the farm to do it too.

Ok, so he is not a sheep farmer…how many of you weren’t meant for your first career calling? So now he is “unemployed” and a resident at The Humane Society of Kent County. However, Duke is not looking for a new job at all, what he needs is a family! Duke’s strong points are that he is smart as a whip, housebroken, obedient, handsome, dog-friendly, and very playful.

His only struggle is not being overly confident when meeting strangers. Sometimes he hides and yes, sometimes he barks. But once he warms up to them it is smooth sailing. Duke is definitely going to need exercise and stimulation. A place to run and play would be ideal. An active family would suit him best and if there are kids, the preference would be 12 and over. The cats at the shelter didn’t seem to warrant a reaction. He does participate in play groups with other dogs and is always polite in play.

If Duke sounds like the type of dog that would fit into your home and lifestyle please come give this guy the second chance that he most definitely deserves!


  1. Duke is gorgeous. His eyes are so inviting. He actually looks happy and playful and looks like he would be so much fun.

    March 8, 2017

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