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Our Mission

The mission of the Humane Society of Kent County is to prevent the unnecessary pain and suffering of domestic animals in our community, and to promote satisfying and responsible relationships between people and domestic companion animals through community involvement and education.

    We have a rather large request for a donation, but it's a pretty important one to HSKC. Our dryer is going up. It's old, making some strange sounds, and as of today, has even stopped drying.

    We run donated towels, sheets and blankets through the washer and dryer constantly. Our dryer is essential to HSKC and helps us keep fabrics fresh for cleaning and providing extra comfort to our shelter animals.

    Is there any chance anyone out there has a working dryer they would consider donating to the shelter? We would love to have an industrial dryer, but we aren't picky! We'd love to have anything that actually works. Please call HSKC at 410-778-3648 if you think you could help. Thank you!

Humane Society of Kent County Maryland

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