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Our Mission

The mission of the Humane Society of Kent County is to prevent the unnecessary pain and suffering of domestic animals in our community, and to promote satisfying and responsible relationships between people and domestic companion animals through community involvement and education.

  • One hot summer evening, a woman heard a strange sound coming from the roof of her house. She carefully scanned the rooftop, only to find a tiny kitten stuck and crying because it did not know how to get down. How the kitten appeared on top of the manager’s house at a local bed and breakfast, she did not know, but regardless, she wanted to help.

    The woman grabbed a ladder, but unfortunately, it wasn’t tall enough to reach the roof. Figuring the kitten would find her way down during the night, she put a bowl of wet food out for it. The woman decided to name the kitten “Roofus” and went to bed. The next morning, she expected to find that Roofus had left, but lo and behold, he was still stuck on the roof! That is when she decided to call The Humane Society of Kent County.

    An Animal Control Officer arrived and managed to coax Roofus off of the roof. The kind woman gave a donation, and the officer left, bringing the kitten to the shelter. Upon examination, the staff realized that Roofus was a female, so they renamed her “Roofina.”

    Although this kitty wasn’t successful checking into a room at the local B&B, she has set her sights on bigger things- finding a forever home of her very own. If you would consider giving this kitty a home, stop by and meet Roofina at the shelter soon!

Humane Society of Kent County Maryland

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