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How Dixie landed in a dumpster outside of Dixon Valve is a mystery. She’s still trying to erase that memory. Oh, the stench! She still recalls how the stink from the trash worked itself into her long, soft fur.

After concerned workers noticed her in the dumpster, they picked Dixie up and brought her into HSKC.

Dixie spent the first few days at the shelter cleaning. She licked herself over and over and over again. Once she felt presentable, she looked around the office where she was placed. It wasn’t so bad. There was a bed for long naps, food, water and best of all, windows! Dixie liked sitting in the sunshine, but even more thrilling was the view of the shelter lobby where she could catch sight of a handsome, male feline walking past at any given moment.

She had it all, and she knew it. Even though this eight-month-old vixen had recently been fixed, she still loved to receive attention from the boys. Like clockwork, when a male would appear, Dixie would hold her tail high, focus her luminous, green eyes and present her most irresistible purr. Within minutes, she and her new companion would be cuddled up, enjoying a long nap. It worked every time.

This gorgeous Domestic Long Hair is looking for a home, preferably one to share with a male cat! However, Dixie is content to receive affection from people too. She loves to be held and gets along with all kinds of animals as well as children.

Has Dixie caught your attention? Come out and visit her today during HSKC's open hours from 10-2!
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